About Us

     Design Output is a complete graphic arts and printing bureau. Our services range from traditional prepress, offset to direct digital applications. In the traditional prepress department, we offer scanning, film output and film proofing. Our scanner can accept original images up to 20 x 24. We offer randoms, saving files for placement, and we often save hi-res files to CDs for our customers. Our film separation services allow for an imposed sheet that will fit on a 40 inch press. We offer bluelines, color keys and Fujiproofs. The Fuji proofing system is a widely accepted contract proof capable of proofing on specialized paper. In our offset printing department we print on a wide variety of stocks and sheet sizes and offer continuous form printing as well as complete bindery services. In our silk screen department we print in up to 6 colors on almost everything imaginable. In our direct digital department we offer large-format printing as well as direct digital color printing. Our large-format printers are roll fed, with a maximum width of 72 inches and can be tiled to any width. They produce very hi-res images, and can print on a variety of substrates, including plain paper, banner material, Photo base, canvas, backlit material and outdoor media including transfer materials. We also have the capability to laminate (gloss or matte) and mount onto foam board. For many applications we apply velcro to the backs of laminated pieces for trade show usage, do cut outs for stand-ups, we have added sound chips, motion detectors, motors and other electronic components for some customers. Digital printing is ideal for small runs and direct mailing. We can print 1 or 2 sided on up to 12x18 sheets. A variety of stocks are available. Digital printing is far superior to color copies. It is especially appropriate for short runs, and quality print projects where turnaround time is more demanding than can be met by offset printing. While our equipment is state of the art, our people are what make the jobs work. We have operators experienced on both Mac and PC platforms. Please call if you have any questions about our services.


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