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For CMYK and spot colour printing as well as specialised printing services, Design Output will find the right solution to your printing needs, at competitive prices. We offer large format printing for posters, exhibition stands and banners.

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We want to be your one-stop print supplier. If that means we provide advice on your business card printing one day and your exhibition graphics and folder printing the next, that's exactly how we like it. Many of Design Output's satisfied clients use us as a bolt-on printing department to their own companies. We provide stock control, deliveries and central billing for our larger clients, as well as a personal point of contact for the print buyer in each department. Use our flexibility to your advantage and see how our printing company can benefit your organisation.

Things that Make a Great Brochure

Business brochure printing is not just about printing the facts of your company in your color brochures. For a proper and effective brochure printing, you must not forget a few important images that most business brochures have. These images are part of the process of projecting your business image and philosophy into your brochure, making you achieve your brochure goals faster and better. Therefore, to help you out in placing the important images into your brochure, here are five of the crucial ones that any business brochure should not be distributed without.

1). The Company Logo - Yes, the logo is the most crucial thing that you must put in any business brochure. It is a business brochure after all. Your readers must know who the brochure makers are and what that relates to the content of your business brochure.
The logo basically makes the content more official and authoritative by giving a reliable and respectable person or business firm as the source. People will get a better understanding of the brochures in effect, and you should be able to take pride in seeing your logo printed in so many brochures as well.

2). Pictures of your team - Now, another thing that can be important to include into your business brochure are pictures of your team or employees. Having actual images of people in a brochure humanizes it making people feel more welcome to its design. It makes them understand that there are actual people behind the brochure with the same dreams, need and wants as them.
You do not want to appear like a cold-hearted multi-national corporation that does not really care. You want them to feel like you are family and you are people who care enough to present yourself and your smiles. So do not forget to place this kind of image, it can have a great impact on your readers.

3). Images of your best products - Of course, since business brochures are marketing mediums, you must also try to integrate images of your best products in your brochure. Take care of course that you do not turn the brochure into a catalog, but to the least extent try to put in pictures of your flagship products. They are the ones that are the most expensive and the most well made. By doing this, you can market your products as well as your company, and both can benefit from mutual recognition with each other.

4). A view of the office - Another thing that you can consider putting into your business brochure is a picture of your office or workspace. Business contacts and potential customers may judge a company by the look of their shop or office. Your workspace is basically a representation of your attitudes and tastes. An image of a good, clean and professional looking office in your brochures can impress people and add a positive aspect to their image of your business in their minds. If your office is clean and organized, then so should you be to.

5). Symbol of your philosophy - Finally, you can also put in an image about your corporate philosophy in your brochures. This can be in the form of a symbol, or it can even be a picture tableau of what to you want to achieve as a company. By using this kind of image, you can effectively communicate your philosophy to the public and gain the good and smart reputation of a professional and modern firm.

So do not forget to add these pictures to your color brochures. They do not have to be large. They just have to be visible so that they can perform their functions well.

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